Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Thomas Locklear, the narrator for Tattooed Memories (and, oh boy, are your ears in for a treat when you listen to that!). You can check out the other books he’s narrated on Audible and you can also follow him on his Facebook page

Let’s dive right into the interview!

What is your favourite book?

How do we tell them I don’t read. I mean, I know how (bwaha!), but when I do, it’s mostly bios. Michael J. Fox’s is one I’ve read a few times. Lucky Man from 2002. Fiction I’d say Misery I’ve read twice.

What genre of books do you enjoy reading the most?

Didn’t you hear me? I said bios. ?

Do you like strawberries (asking for a friend)?

I fear all fruit, unless in pie form. Answering for a friend.

When doing the character voices/accents, do you base them off people you know or are they just random and what you think they’d sound like?

Pretty much all my voices are celebrity impressions, except for my main male. I use Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, James Gandolfini, Jack Nicholson, Nicolas Cage. I’ve done a Spanish and Russian that are just based off standard versions I’ve heard over the years.

What is the weirdest book you’ve read or been asked to work on?

Easy. Lee’s a sick f*ck. JJJJJJJJJJJ/KKKK. ? Hmm…though Romance can get a bit…illegal, I did a horror book where the main guy wanted to capture a local serial killer not for the reward, but hire him to get rid of the annoying people in his life.

Do you read the book before narrating or go in blind?

I skim it for character styles but enjoy being surprised like a reader would be. So in that way I know bits and pieces of what to expect but still find a lot of stuff out in the moment. 

Do you have a favourite character voice that you’ve done? You obviously are excellent at impersonations (Joe Pesci), have you done stand up comedy/impersonations?

I haven’t had the chance to really branch out, but I love when I get to do my Sam Elliott for Western type stuff. Though he does have a minor role in Tattooed Memories :). Ha, I did an open mic ONCE a hundred years ago, but the long road of a comedian turned me off so I never pursued it.

Do you have a favourite scene from Tattooed Memories?

Fruit exploration aside, Gabe and Harper had so many heart-to-hearts it would be hard to choose from. His response to her “I love you” was a great speech.

I’m always curious about how it’s recorded. Do you read straight through and change voices as you go or do you record all of one character’s parts then another after, and then the audiobook is edited together?

Definitely all in one shot. To have to cut stuff together would be…no, can’t go there lol.

When did you find out your voice was so perfect for these reads?

Still waiting ?

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