Midnight Pack Book 2

Book Cover: Midnight Temptation
Part of the Midnight Touch series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Paperback: $ 18.99
ISBN: 978-1091587571
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 273
Audiobook: $ 19.95

Lead me not into temptation…

Easier said than done when your name is Deacon Jacobs and temptation is your drug of choice.
The woman with a broken soul shouldn’t even have registered on his radar, but a wolf wants what a wolf wants.
Sparks fly between the feisty female and the arrogant wolf, but Gemma got caught in the Midnight Pack’s crossfire once before, and now all she wants is to forget.
A familiar enemy re-surfaces but all is not as it seems and the pack closes ranks to face what could be their toughest challenge yet.

The risks are daunting but Deacon will gamble everything, including his life, to ensure Gemma’s safety.

Reviews:Amazon Reviewer wrote:

Midnight Temptation picks up right where Midnight Touch leaves off but this time our MC’s are Deacon and Gemma. I love their relationship! I love the back and forth banter between them and how Gemma pretends to hate Deacon, which started in the first book. But, I also got very frustrated with her because it seemed as if she was going to be in denial of what happened to her forever. But things are definitely not what they seem! Every time I thought I had things figured out - boom! Major twist that I did not see coming! We learn more about the hunters history as well as our whole cast of characters. Everyone from Touch is in this book too including Cassie and Shaun whose story continues. Plus we learn more about Cormac and there’s some nice hints as to his book. It was hard to put this book down for things like sleep, work, such meddlesome time wasters! I’m looking forward to the third book and dreading when it’s over all at the same time. Love this series.

Amazon Reviewer wrote:

This book was a difficult journey for Gemma and Deacon. In book one Deacon is the comic relief, doesn’t let anything get him down. In book two, we find out there are more layers to Deacon than what he lets the outside world see. Yep, to be cliché, Deacon is an onion, layers upon layers.

Gemma is struggling. Struggling with her new normal, the ramifications of the events in book one, she is struggling to heal and not be a victim. Deacon is the crazy to match her crazy, and it is interesting to see Deacon help her on her journey to healing! I will admit that there is a lot of pain in this book, and that sometimes it just takes your breath away and makes you wish you could just hide under a blanket and pretend everything is hunky dory.

This story goes in directions I wasn't prepared. L. Ann has taken this shifter trope and flipped it on it's ass. Once again, WARNING: This book has triggers and dark undertones. If that is outside your comfort zone, I don’t recommend. However, this book is original, and the storyline is fresh. Just beware, everything is not as it seems. and I think we are about to step (or be thrown) off the ledge...

You will love Deacon and Gemma’s story! It has romance, suspense, healing and of course the hunt for revenge. Revenge is my favorite activity, I mean trope. I picked up the book immediately after reading Midnight Touch and simply couldn't put it down until I finished it. I couldn't stop turning the pages....There is a major storm coming and things are about to get real interesting for the midnight pack!

There is so much to this story and I don't want to spoil any of it because that is half the fun. I will admit that L. Ann scares me because she isn't afraid to yank the rug right out from under you. Just when you think you know what's going to happen, yank...and you are left wondering WTH just happened. Just when you start to feel comfortable again...yank.

So for me to reread any book is a recommendation in itself. For me to reread an entire series...I can count on one hand how many series I would reread. All I can say, I recommend! Grab this series and start reading! I don't think you will be disappointed.