Lee Ann is a writer living in the deep wilds of Derbyshire. Born on the Wirral, she is the oldest of seven children and also the youngest – all at the same time – it’s a story that could only be passed off as fiction! So it’s no real surprise to find that storytelling has been in her blood from a very young age.

She has five children, two dogs and a cat that might be Lucifer in disguise. When she’s not “adulting” and pretending she has this parenting thing nailed, she can be found glued to her keyboard hammering out stories she’d never let her children read (for fear they get ideas!)

Lee Ann loves Supernatural, Lucifer, anything dark and twisted as well as sweets, cupcakes and coffee! She also may have an out of control addiction to notebooks and stationery – she’s firmly in denial, should anyone ask though.

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by and giving a thought to my books – maybe you’re here to find out more about me, maybe someone suggested one of my books to you. Whatever your reason for being here, I’ll take it!

As you may have figured out by now, my name is Lee, although my books are published under L. Ann, and I write romance … of a sort. I love taking a basic story and then applying the “what if?” method to it. What if that character is in love with that other one but this happens? What if I put a grenade in his hand and pull out the pin? How will he escape? What if that man over there is a wolf shifter, not a human? What if that woman over there is a vampire? You get the idea.

If you are new to my books, keep an open mind – anything could happen. That couple you’re shipping might not end up together, someone else might come along. Those two that hate each other might just save each other’s lives or they might kill each other, it’s hard to say. I like dark romances, with twisted plots – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Facts About Me

  • I love dark twisted stories.  The twistier the better. 
  • Dominant Alpha Males are my Kryptonite. Sometimes angry, definitely aggressive (but in that oh so good way!)
  • Music plays a huge part in my writing. All of my books have playlists – they might not make sense to you, but they are what I play to inspire the story and the characters.
  • I don’t churn out books every month. In fact, it can take me between three and six months to bring a single book out. I don’t like to rush, I like to make sure I have all my ducks in a row to give you the best possible story I can.
  • I LOVE hearing from readers. Loved a book? Hated a book? Want to ask me a question? Don’t care what the reason is (unless you’re looking for a date – that I can’t help with) reach out to me. I love hearing from you guys!