Broken Halo (Forgotten Legacy Book 5)

Gabe Mercer
Singer, Rockstar, Broken
He was my everything, my childhood love
But he lied to me, kept secrets and broke my trust
So I walked away, and took control of my life
I thought I was happy without him, I was happy without him.
But then he crashed back into my orbit and his pull is just as strong as ever.
Only, this time, he’s made it clear we’re done and he wants nothing to do with me.

Harper Jackson
Frosty, Unimpressed, Confident
She was my always and forever
Until she decided she was done.
It turns out my love wasn’t enough. wasn’t enough.
And she turned her back on us and walked away
She took my heart with her, and now only the self-destructive rock star remains.

But one small accident puts us back on a collision course and I’m not sure I will survive the crash.


Click for Trigger Warning

child abuse (physical/mental), alcoholism, references to suicide