Exquisite Scars (Forgotten Legacy Book 4)

Luca Tallorico
Drummer, Hot-Tempered, Hurt
The pain in his texts spoke to my own
I reached out, secure in the knowledge we would never meet.
He had different ideas. He makes me feel special, beautiful
And makes promises I’m scared to acknowledge.
He tempts me to take a walk on the wild side.
But I know if we meet, he’ll reject me and walk away

Ms Wrong Number
My Firefly. My Light. My Ever After.
I was searching for closure
Looking for an escape from the all-consuming guilt.
Then I found her, by accident, through a text meant for a ghost.
She’s a small-town girl, and far too sweet for me
But like a brilliant flame, she lights up my darkness
I just have to break through the walls she’s protecting herself with.

Make her see she is beautiful and bring us both out of the shadows of our pasts


Click for Trigger Warning

scar tissue (is that a trigger?), fighting, death