The Midnight Pack Complete Series

Get the complete Midnight Pack series in one collection and an addictional bonus story!

Midnight Touch

Trouble always finds Shaun Jacobs…

So, really, the sizzling hot alpha male shouldn’t have been surprised when a move to a new town and a fresh start doesn’t go according to plan – especially when Shaun’s wolf lays claim to the beauty he unexpectedly finds on his property.

Passion soars, but Cassie comes with her own brand of trouble in the form of an ex who can’t take no for an answer.

To make matters worse, there’s a hunter on Shaun’s tail. One who will stop at nothing to take down the Midnight pack once and for all.

The stakes are high but Shaun won’t be going down without a fight.

Midnight Temptation

Lead me not into temptation…

Easier said than done when your name is Deacon Jacobs and temptation is your drug of choice. The woman with a broken soul shouldn’t even have registered on his radar, but a wolf wants what a wolf wants.

Sparks fly between the feisty female and the arrogant wolf, but Gemma got caught in the Midnight Pack’s crossfire once before, and now all she wants is to forget. A familiar enemy re-surfaces but all is not as it seems and the pack closes ranks to face what could be their toughest challenge yet.

The risks are daunting but Deacon will gamble everything, including his life, to ensure Gemma’s safety.

Midnight Torment

Cormac Jacobs was born to lead…

Moving the pack and building a new life for them is proving harder than expected for the mysterious Alpha of the Midnight wolves. Life has rapidly become a case of survival of the fittest between them and the Hunters who threaten their safety.

After a life inside the Hunter Sect, the female he captured is confused and conflicted about the Alpha’s motives. But Cormac needs answers and gaining her trust will take time and patience he doesn’t have.

The Midnight Pack’s future is in peril as blood is shed and lives are destroyed.

Is this the end for the Midnight Pack, or will their Alpha be able to protect his own?

Midnight Hunt

A Full moon …

A Pack Hunt …

What could possibly go wrong?

The Hunter Sect that has been threatening the Midnight Pack has been defeated and it’s time for the new females to be welcomed into the Pack officially.

But there’s a new threat on the horizon. One that will change everything

Midnight Fury

Jaden never wanted a mate …

But fate had other plans and now he not only has a mate, it’s also one he didn’t ask for.

Still recovering from his capture and abuse at the hands of the Collector, Jaden wants revenge. But things aren’t what they seem and the female he’s been forced to bond with comes with secrets that could destroy what is left of his control.

Can Jaden defeat his demons or will they swallow him whole?

Bonus short story!

Midnight Link
(previously available in the Summer Solstice Seduction Anthology)

Agreeing to a Fae bargain isn’t the way to prove you’re fated mates, but that doesn’t stop Deacon from doing it anyway.


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sexual assault, violence, burning, unaliving