Rook (Chambers Brothers Trilogy Book 1)

She only wanted a fake boyfriend.
She ended up with a hitman.

Magdalena McCarthy
All I wanted was a date to accompany me to dinner with my parents.
A decoy to distract my mother from her ongoing mission to find me a husband.
What started out as another awkward dinner ended with us being run off the road.
Turns out my pretend boyfriend isn’t who I thought he was.
He isn’t even the man I was supposed to hire.
And he has secrets that might just save us from the nightmare unfolding around me.

Rook Chambers
I moved to Glenville to start over, to escape my dark past.
And found myself mistaken as a boyfriend for hire.
I go along with the charade, only to find myself entangled with the life I left behind.
I could walk away and leave her to her fate.
After all, she’s just a girl. A nobody. An innocent pawn in a dark world.
We don’t even exist in the same reality.

But now, I may be the only person who can keep her alive.


Click for Trigger Warning

Kidnapping, mild torture