Fractured Angel (Black Rosary Book 1)

She’s a disgraced pop star. He’s the frontman of Black Rosary.
Their worlds are about to collide and nothing will ever be the same again.

Ten years ago, I fell in love
The pop princess and the rock star.
On paper, we should never have worked.
In public she was a sweet girl-next-door bubble-gum pop singer.
But when we were together, her passion matched mine.
I was ready to make her mine forever, and then she told me it was over.

Five years ago I walked away from him
He was everything I shouldn’t want yet the only thing I’d ever craved.
My contract demanded I uphold a certain reputation.
So we had to keep our relationship a secret, because we didn’t fit the mold.
But then my label found out, and they gave me two options.
Lose him or lose everything.

I made my choice, and the consequences were worse than I could ever have imagined.


Are you brave enough to enter the dark corridors of Churchill Bradley Academy where a deadly game awaits?


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domestic violence, sexual assault, and drug abuse